Welcome to Robin’s Nest Farm!

Although life looks much different these days, we’re still farming away and working hard to make sure we have a good supply of quality, local pork and beef to provide you and your family. 

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Get to know us

No buzz words. No gimmicks. No latest fad.

Just open, honest farmers working hard to care for our animals and produce high quality meat for our family and customers.

Want to know more about where your food comes from?  Just ask!  We’re happy to explain how and why we do things.

Why choose us

We take animal care very seriously.

It’s our duty as farmers to provide the best care possible for our animals, and the environment.

We want to continue to pass this land, and our passion for farming, on to the next generations. That’s only possible if we do our best to care for it today!​

We strive to produce meat of the highest quality, at fair prices.

After all, we’re not just proudly offering our products to our customers; this is the food we feed our own family as well.

What we do

Products We Produce


About half of our beef comes from animals raised by our own cow herd, a mix of Angus, Hereford, and Simmental breeds. The other half comes from purchased animals; some bought as newborn calves, others as “feeder” cattle (weaned animals). Our cow herd spends the summer/fall on pasture and then winters insmaller fields near the barn. All of our beef is raised on a corn-based diet. We grow our own hay, but don’t have the land base to grow other crops, so we purchase our feed locally. Proper nutrition is vital to raising healthy animals, and we do our very best to make sure they have everything they need.


Most of our pigs are purchased as weaned piglets, all locally, either directly from farmers or through Hoards Station Sale Barn. Their diet consists of purchased hog grower, as well as table scraps and bakery waste. Who needs a composter when you have cute pigs who love to eat all the watermelon rinds and potato peels you’ll give them!?


Our chickens are all purchased as day old chicks, either from a local hatchery, or ordered through the farm supply. They’re raised in a coop (not in cages), with a fenced run so they can spend the days outside, in the shade. They’re not free-range in terms of wandering around the yard, but do have space to move around easily. We try to do our best to protect them from predators, which is one of our biggest challenges when raising chickens.

What our customers are saying

Consuming only ethically raised meat has become a priority for my family. I grew up with Amanda, so I’ve seen first-hand the impeccable care her family provides their animals. Plus, the meat is absolutely delicious! We’re delighted to support this family farm and it’s so wonderful knowing where our food comes from.

Lauren O’Reilly

I love the variety packs which give you the opportunity to try various cuts and meats. I feel good knowing where my meat is coming from and it absolutely smells and tastes fresh. I can honestly say the TBone steaks were the best steaks we have ever eaten.

Jane McCracken

Very pleased with the service and quality of their meat. Our family loves it. Looking forward to being a life long customer. Very friendly and honest folks.

Chris Alexander