What We Do

What We Do

My message is always that, if you have questions about where your food comes from, ask the people with the real answers; the farmers producing that food.  Honest, open communication from both producers and consumers is critical, and I intend to offer that “behind the plate” view at our farm. 

We strive to produce meat of the highest quality.  After all, we’re not just proudly offering our products to our customers; this is the food we feed our own family as well.  That means our top priorities are animal care, food safety, and environmental sustainability. 

We farm on a smaller scale in terms of herd size, which allows us to provide individualized care to our animals.  We have a small commercial cow/calf herd, made up of mostly Angus, Hereford, and Simmental cows.  We purchase some newborn and feeder calves, often with some Charolais breeding as well.  We also raise pigs, usually purchased as weaned piglets, as well as broiler chickens, which are purchased as day old chicks.  Our goal is to provide these animals with the best quality of life we can.

All of our meat is free of antibiotics and added hormones.  That doesn’t mean we never use medication; our belief is that if an animal is sick, then it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to make that animal better.  Sometimes that means the use of antibiotics, but strict withdrawal policies are followed to ensure there is no residue in the meat.  We use local abattoirs and feed companies, because supporting our community is very important to us.

Our feeder cattle are corn-fed because we feel that offers the best flavour of meat and is the best use of our resources.  All of our land is either used for pasture or hay production.  Our cows and calves are pasture raised, and the purchase of our third farm has given us more space to rotate those pastures, helping to ensure that ground stays productive. 

Our philosophy doesn’t involve any of the latest buzz words.  We simply believe in responsibly raised livestock.  It’s our duty as farmers to provide the best care possible for our animals, and the environment.  We want to continue to pass this land, and our passion for farming, on to the next generations.   That’s only possible if we do our best to care for it today!